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Review from A.S.  |  Source: Other  |  Jan 30, 2019

Mary was excellent and did a great job administering the botox. It was not painful at all and she did a great job explaining what she was going to do. The office was beautiful and clean. More

Review from S.S.  |  Source: Other  |  Mar 19, 2019

Nice atmosphere and very pleasant experience. More

Review from L.B.  |  Source: Other  |  Mar 13, 2019

Loved my massage ! Very relaxing and very professional. More

Review from C.B.  |  Source: Other  |  Mar 12, 2019

The location was perfect. The parking is easy and the staff was amazing ! I will go back !!! More

Review from K.H.  |  Source: Other  |  Feb 27, 2019

Loved the salon and the entire staff... Will definitely go back More

Review from M.H.  |  Source: Other  |  Feb 15, 2019

Relaxing! Just what I needed. Vivian was fabulous! Will be returning! More

Review from L.J.  |  Source: Other  |  Feb 08, 2019

Dr. Sumpter was great. I highly recommend her and her staff. More

Review from S.Z.  |  Source: Other  |  Jan 31, 2019

Great experience. Efficient and polite from appointment making, checking in, procedure, and payment. More

Review from L.D.  |  Source: Other  |  Jan 25, 2019

Vivian did an awesome massage for me today. She paid attention to all the areas that I was having problems with, tight shoulders and neck. I could not have asked for a better massage to make me feel way better today. More

Review from D.A.  |  Source: Other  |  Jan 21, 2019

Amazing!!!! More

Review from E.F.  |  Source: Other  |  Jan 14, 2019

Amazing massage. She really paid attention to the things that I said hurt me and focused on them. More

Review from J.F.  |  Source: Other  |  Jan 08, 2019

Very nice place and staff. Got my Botox quick and easy! More

Review from D.H.  |  Source: Other  |  Dec 18, 2018

Dr Sumpter is amazing. She is so likable and great at her work. I recommend her highly for any procedure More

Review from T.G.  |  Source: Other  |  Nov 27, 2018

They were friendly and explained everything. Beautiful office. Friendly staff. More

Review from K.H.  |  Source: Other  |  Nov 02, 2018

Amazing!!!!! More

Review from S.P.  |  Source: Other  |  Oct 31, 2018

Always friendly and professional. More

Patient Story
Review from E.L.  |  Source: Other  |  Dec 16, 2016

Dr. Sumpter & Staff, I just want to say thank you for everything. I have not been an easy patient with me being over emotional, yet you all handled me with kindness. So, again, Thank you! More

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Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Other  |  Sep 24, 2014

Dear Dr. Kristi: If I said 'thank you' every minute for the rest of my life, it will never be enough. After eight (8) years and multiple surgeries: i.e., Tummy Tuck; Bi-lateral Prophylactic Mastectomy; Implants; Liposuction; Face lift; and Breast Enhancement, I want you to know that I felt connected to you in the most wonderful, phenomenal way on my journey. There is a great pleasantness about you. So gentle and understanding, professional and skillful, yet super sweet. You should also know that it does 'not' go unnoticed that you are a grade 'above' the best. I simply can't say enough great things about you and I will forever tell everyone I know that you are not only an excellent doctor and surgeon, but an 'excellent person' with amazing integrity. The world is a better place because of people like you and honestly ----- you , Tim, Tina, Connie and Melanie will remain in my heart forever. I am truly, deeply appreciative. My very warmest regards always, More

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Review from DZ  |  Source: Other  |  Apr 11, 2014

Dr. Sumpter, It must be wonderful to make changes for people that make them so happy. Thanks for Making me happy! More

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Review from PS  |  Source: Other  |  Jun 06, 2011

Thank you for the joy of being "unencumbered"! More

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Review from NM  |  Source: Other  |  Sep 17, 2008

Dr. Sumpter & Staff First off, thank you so much for my new body!! I am completely thrilled with the results!! Also, I would like to thank you & your wonderful staff for creating such a warm environment every visit! NM * I will definitely be referring!! More

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Review from SC  |  Source: Other  |  Feb 20, 2008

Dear Dr. Sumpter & Staff .... Thank you for you patience and guidance whenever I called with a medication 'side effect'. It meant so much to me that you called the next day just to check up on me. Last but not least, thank you so very much for helping me once again feel beautiful! I cannot wait to see the final result, but even right now (1 week later), they look fabulous! Thank you for everything! More

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Review from JH  |  Source: Other  |  Dec 14, 2007

Thank you very much I couldn't have done it better myself! All my love to all of you More

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Review from BS  |  Source: Other  |  Oct 12, 2007

Dear Dr. Sumpter & your staff, ..... I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful surgeon you are. The difference has been night & day. Thank you so much More

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Review from TW  |  Source: Other  |  Aug 08, 2007

Dear Doctor Kristi, Just a quick note to say thank you for your call last week. It was thoughtful of you and a real boost for me. You have that rare knack of putting people at ease for which I am incredibly grateful! I must also admit to you that even though we spent the majority of last year working on me, I assumed I was just a blur in a series of patients and that you couldn't/shouldn't/wouldn't remember me. I can't express to you how heartwarming it was to know that you actually remembered me! More

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Review from VF  |  Source: Other  |  Jul 27, 2007

Thank you Dr. Sumpter & staff! More

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Review from BL  |  Source: Other  |  Jul 06, 2007

Dr. Sumpter & Staff, Thank you for making my life changing decision a breeze. You made me feel very comfortable not only through the process but the surgery as well. It is great to know I have such caring people with me, always there to answer any questions I may have. Thanks again, More

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Review from LL  |  Source: Other  |  Jun 05, 2007

.... You have all been wonderful and Dr. Sumpter, you have saved my spirit. With love, More

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Review from EL  |  Source: Other  |  May 22, 2007

I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate all that you have done. I was really nervous about having surgery and you guys were great at putting my mind at ease. I am so happy with my results. ... More

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Review from LD  |  Source: Other  |  May 21, 2007

First I would like to thank you for your care and concern for me as a patient. You are a very kind person as well as meticulous and professional. Your office staff and the nurses at the surgery center were extremely nice. You are highly recommended and regarded. More

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Review from LT  |  Source: Other  |  Jun 28, 2006

.... I know I am only 6 weeks post-op, but, I am very happy with my results. You can't imagine how great it feels to not have to sleep on a heating pad, dread my monthly cycle because of the intensified pain from the fibroids. I am not having to buy a minimizer bra anymore and can actually buy an outfit that I don't have to have altered. I haven't seen my rib cage in so long I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and there it was !! All of this is coming from a patient who used to believe plastic surgery was for the really vain or perhaps disfigured from birth or disease process. You have transformed me both physically and mentally. I will always be grateful. Thank you sincerely, More

Review from KB  |  Source: Other  |  May 12, 2006

I went to several free consults with other doctors prior to choosing Dr. Sumpter. I even received less expensive estimates. When I met with Dr. Sumpter, I knew immediately that she would be the doctor to perform my procedure. When Dr. Sumpter examined my breast size, she explained that I was born with a special condition that caused my breasts to not develop. All of my life I didn't understand why never developed breasts. I asked several doctors and not one knew the answer. Dr. Sumpter knew the name of the condition. It was a relief to understand the cause of my disfigurement. I then asked Dr. Sumpter to make me normal. She made them perfect. Dr. Sumpter thoroughly explained all aspects of my procedure. She even explained how I would feel physically and emotionally. The procedure was completed exactly as Dr. Sumpter promised. The follow ups were provided with the same care and attention as the pre surgical visits. I am very thankful to have chosen Dr. Sumpter and her staff. More

Review from AL  |  Source: Other  |  Apr 08, 2004

I sent an email a few weeks ago about how excited I was. I have gone from a size 12 to a size 4 and have great boobs! I recommend Dr. Sumpter to everyone! She has the best bed side manner and made me feel very comfortable. My mom wanted the same procedures and decided to go to another doctor to have the same procedures, because he had been in business longer. She spent $6,000 more than me and is very dissatisfied. These procedures have change my life! I am more confident, I have stuck to a strict diet for 5 months now, it is a complete lifestyle change. I would gladly share my story with others to show how amazing Dr. Sumpter is. (My husband thinks she's great too!) I have had 2 children in the last 15 months and have a better body and much skinnier than I have every been. I can wear a bikini without short for the first time in my life, and no more padded bras. More

Review from RL  |  Source: Other  |  Mar 03, 2004

From the first consultation, I felt Dr. Sumpter was warm, genuine and competent. She's the kind of person I could sit in the kitchen and visit. And I felt that acceptance and connection right away. More

Review from AA  |  Source: Other  |  Mar 07, 2003

I have to thank you not only were my breasts little, but got even worse after my daughter that I couldn't wear the clothes I wanted to. I was a little girl. I am so happy because they are perfect, and now so beautiful. I feel like a woman. The only problem is (my daughter) thinks there is milk in my breasts. :) Thank you again for changing my life and allowing me to experience Hawaiian Tropic Internationals in Vegas. I have done a TV commercial as well. More

Review from M.  |  Source: Other  |  Jan 20, 2019

I bought this for my wife (she would not stop asking for it). She loved the place- clean, friendly, fast. She decided while she was there to get more than the purchased amount. Other businesses have honored the Groupon price when buying more and they charged full price-$11/ unit. Besides that, everything was great. More

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