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As if a breast cancer diagnosis isn’t hard enough, many women have to think about cancer surgery and the options available to them. A common surgery is a lumpectomy, or breast conserving, which aims to only target the affected area of the breast. During this procedure, Houston cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sumpter, will remove the cancerous area, as well as some of the surrounding tissue. The tissue is then screened to see if any more cancer is present, which helps to determine if more procedures are needed. In some cases, this is the only surgery required for a cancer patient.

A lumpectomy is useful for women with only one breast cancer site or for smaller tumors that are less than 4 centimeters. Dr. Sumpter minimizes scarring by placing the incision locally to the area so that the shape of the breast will camouflage it. The surgery time for a lumpectomy is usually less than one hour.

Why is a Lumpectomy Performed?

A lumpectomy may be performed for many reasons, such as:

  • A benign breast mass that is solid in nature
  • A benign breast mass that is liquid (often called a cyst), but that cannot be aspirated with a needle, or
  • A benign cyst that keeps recurring despite needle aspiration
  • Certain forms of breast cancer

What to Expect

Lumpectomy procedures may also be referred to as breast conserving, breast preservation, or partial mastectomy procedures. The amount of breast tissue removed in a lumpectomy can differ greatly from patient to patient. In a lumpectomy, the surgeon removes only the affected area of the breast and some of the normal surrounding tissue. The removed tissue is examined for cancer cells. Careful examination determines if the margins, or areas of normal surrounding tissue, are clear of any cancer cells. This determines if all of the affected area was removed.

If cancer cells are found in the surrounding tissue and clear margins are not established, an additional procedure or re-excision may be necessary in order to ensure removal of all of the cancerous cells. Most women receive five to seven weeks of radiation therapy after a lumpectomy procedure.

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