Information About Body Procedures

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Loose skin in the upper arms can be treated with an arm lift. This surgery removes excessive skin, and sometimes fat, and tightens remaining skin.

To contour, reshape and tighten various parts of the body, Dr. Sumpter can perform body contouring surgery customized specifically for the patient.

For flat, untoned, unshapely buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift can enhance the size, shape and overall appearance of the butt through a fat transfer.

A droopy bottom can receive a much-needed boost with a butt lift. The surgery removes excessive and saggy skin around the buttocks for a perkier butt.

Areas of the body lacking volume and definition can be replenished thanks to a fat transfer, which uses fat transferred from the patient’s body.

Unwanted fat can be eliminated with liposuction, a common and popular procedure that uses specialized tools and suctioning to remove the fat.

Moms can restore and enhance their bodies with a mommy makeover, a variety of procedures used to transform problem areas created by pregnancy.

Thigh lifts are effective for patients looking to tone their thighs for a contoured look. During the surgery, excess skin is removed and tightened.

A toned and healthy-looking abdomen can be achieved with a tummy tuck, which firms and reshapes the abdominal wall through skin and fat removal.

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