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Review from Z.D.  |  Source: Google  |  Apr 25, 2019

I love Dr. Sumpter. Great bedside manners. Very knowledgeable and gives great results. She did exactly what I asked and I look forward to working with her in the near future. More

Review from R.O.  |  Source: Vitals  |  Aug 16, 2016

Tummy tuck & liposuction - From the beginning I liked how Dr Sumpter took her time & answered any questions my husband or myself had. After my surgery she was very gentle with me & took very good care of my needs. I would use her again & refer all my family & friends to her. I love Dr Sumpter More

Review from K.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jun 12, 2016

About Time I Got ME Back!!! - Cypress, TX - Upper & lower abdomen, love handles and the back under the bra line.I went to 2 consultations. The 1st was a doctor that ONLY does fat reduction procedures. I figured if that's what he specializes in...well...that would be perfect. My husband went with me to this appointment. The doctor said that basically if he took the fat from my abdomen area that I would probably still have a rounded belly because he could feel my muscle under that fat and it is protruding and that is from the visceral fat UNDER the muscle and around my organs and you can only get rid of that through diet and exercising. Which...if he would've looked at my arms, legs and butt he could have figured out that THAT is EXACTLY what I have been doing. I've been working out since I was 23 ( I'm 44 now) but my husband and I just 3 months started eating healthier. everything else on my body was changing. Taking shape. EXCEPT my midsection..front and back! BUT, I humored him and said, "Well I have always had a rounded stomach (pooch) even as a little girl, WHO by the way was 15-20 lbs. lighter than everyone else....there's maybe 2" space between my ribs and hips...I am VERY short trunked. I figured I had the pooch because my GUTS have no other place to Anyway, I let him know that that was OK for me because I just wanted that blubber GONE! I'm realistic! So he leaves so I can re-dress and his financial lady comes in with the price. He said he could only do the upper & lower and love handles in 1 appointment and the back at another time. My 1st appointment would be $6,500, that was WITH a $2,000 discount for getting 3 areas done in 1 appointment. And if I come back in 90 days of the 1st appointment they would take %25 off the next one and IT would be $3,500. That's $10,000!!!! Well my husband and I thanked them for there time and I went away a lil disappointed. The money and kinda the way he thought I wasn't doing my end of the fat loss. Now...understand...I my WEIGHT is NOT my issue. I am 5'2" & 127lbs. My weight is just fine. But that blubber wasn't! So I was gonna save up the rest of the money and have done in late fall or early winter. That appointment was on a Wednesday. That following Monday I went to my 2nd consultation with a different doctor.2nd consultation! I LOOOOOVED her. I didn't even have to get undressed! Of course I pulled up my shirt and partially pulled my pants down. She said she could do ALL of it in 1 appointment and would take anywhere from 1 - 1.5 hours. My husband did not come to this one. I got home and told him all about her AND her price. I knew that I was letting her do it before I knew about the price. My husband said, "Great...can you do it tomorrow?" Ha! Well as it turned out, I had emailed them that night with some dates and one of them was that very Friday. I took it!!!Day of surgery. Got there at 8:30 a.m. My appointment was at 10:00 got home about 2:30! (I live 2 hours away from the doctor)I will tell you more later. I'm going to bed. More

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Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Other  |  Sep 24, 2014

Dear Dr. Kristi: If I said 'thank you' every minute for the rest of my life, it will never be enough. After eight (8) years and multiple surgeries: i.e., Tummy Tuck; Bi-lateral Prophylactic Mastectomy; Implants; Liposuction; Face lift; and Breast Enhancement, I want you to know that I felt connected to you in the most wonderful, phenomenal way on my journey. There is a great pleasantness about you. So gentle and understanding, professional and skillful, yet super sweet. You should also know that it does 'not' go unnoticed that you are a grade 'above' the best. I simply can't say enough great things about you and I will forever tell everyone I know that you are not only an excellent doctor and surgeon, but an 'excellent person' with amazing integrity. The world is a better place because of people like you and honestly ----- you , Tim, Tina, Connie and Melanie will remain in my heart forever. I am truly, deeply appreciative. My very warmest regards always, More

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Review from NM  |  Source: Other  |  Sep 17, 2008

Dr. Sumpter & Staff First off, thank you so much for my new body!! I am completely thrilled with the results!! Also, I would like to thank you & your wonderful staff for creating such a warm environment every visit! NM * I will definitely be referring!! More

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Review from VF  |  Source: Other  |  Jul 27, 2007

Thank you Dr. Sumpter & staff! More

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Review from LL  |  Source: Other  |  Jun 05, 2007

.... You have all been wonderful and Dr. Sumpter, you have saved my spirit. With love, More

Review from AL  |  Source: Other  |  Apr 08, 2004

I sent an email a few weeks ago about how excited I was. I have gone from a size 12 to a size 4 and have great boobs! I recommend Dr. Sumpter to everyone! She has the best bed side manner and made me feel very comfortable. My mom wanted the same procedures and decided to go to another doctor to have the same procedures, because he had been in business longer. She spent $6,000 more than me and is very dissatisfied. These procedures have change my life! I am more confident, I have stuck to a strict diet for 5 months now, it is a complete lifestyle change. I would gladly share my story with others to show how amazing Dr. Sumpter is. (My husband thinks she's great too!) I have had 2 children in the last 15 months and have a better body and much skinnier than I have every been. I can wear a bikini without short for the first time in my life, and no more padded bras. More


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