Meet Our Team

3 Team Members
  • Connie Mize

    Connie Mize

    Clinical Aesthetician

    As our Clinical Aesthetician, Connie Mize brings more than 16 years of experience, while staying on top of the latest skin rejuvenation treatments.

  • Dr. Kristi Sumpter

    Dr. Kristi Sumpter

    Cosmetic Surgeon

    Dr. Kristi Sumpter performs face, body, breast and skin cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries as a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Houston, TX.

  • Vivian Alexatos

    Vivian Alexatos

    Massage Therapist

    Skilled Massage Therapist, Vivian Alexatos, offers a variety of health-boosting and therapeutic massages for her patients to enhance their well-being.